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African American Soldiers



The African-American soldiers fought in several different wars. World War I, World War II, The Korean conflict, The Vietnam conflict, etc. African-American soldiers were segregated in those wars, but not in today's conflicts. They where usually put in segregated units were they were given less amount of equipment or old equipment. Hardly would you see an African-American Officer in the army over a drill Sergeant or a 1st Sergeant.

World War I
During World War I, an African-American scholar by the name of W.E.B Dubious, wrote a controversial editorial asking that the black and white army's close rank and set aside their special grievances for the rest of the war and work for victory along side their fellow white Americans but his words were never herd from the right people. This would not work because of most of the south whites in the units would refuse to serve with blacks in the heat of war. In World War I black soldiers were relegated to serve supervised by white officers often working as cargo handlers or cooks.

World War II
General Dwight D. Eisenhower faced of with Hitler's advancing army on the western front, temporarily his army was desegregated. Eisenhower needed more troops and called for urgent assistance from America. He needed help on the front. More then 2,000 African Americans volunteered for the fight.
At the Battle of the bulge in the late 1944, People like General Patton and Easy company are famous but there was more people that went unnoticed. African American Soldiers were generally restricted from combat but the relates of war would soon blur the lines of race one major break through came during this battle were African Americans fought in the dead of cold.
There were many African American ground soldiers that were in segregated units up to Vietnam and were not noticed compared to other hero's. When a similar demand of troops came from US forces in Italy. The Tuskegee Pilots started flew planes for the allied forces in world war II they were African American Pilots. The Tuskegee boys flew into action where in 1944 they began to fly into combat with white pilots. They became the only American Pilots to sink a German destroyer and to never loose a bomber.
As the US Government called for volunteers to join the US Army and Defense Industries before World War II thousands of African American steeped forward to fight in the war. A lot were not given the opportunity to serve in the same manner as white soldiers.
African-American soldiers fought a two front war during World War II. One of there enemy's was over seas the "Great" German army, the Nazi's. The other was segregation a Battle against prejudice at home. These soldiers were on their way to fight the worlds worst racist, the dreaded Adolf Hitler, the Supreme Chancellor of Germany and the leader of the Nazi party. He was the dictator of Germany during the war. He lead the worlds most segregated army. The Irony did not go unnoticed.
Korea and Vietnam Conflict
In Korea the African-American soldiers were fighting in mostly segregated units. But they did not fight for the United States they fought for U.N (United Nations). They fought because after World War II many of them had to stay and rebuild in the pacific. They stayed under a White officer. When Korea started the African-Americans joined the battle, from rebuilding in the Pacific and started fighting the North Koreans and then the Chinese. When the end of the war was near the army's were mostly were desegregated. At the beginning of the war the army was mostly segregated but at the end of the war it was mostly desegregated, this would be the last time there would be a segregated army.
Finely came Vietnam were the army's were not segregated at all. In many films it is shown that the company's are almost all white except for a few African-Americans that are not as noticed as the whites. This is not what really happened in regular company's, this mostly happened in the highly trained units like the Navy Seals, Special Forces, Airborne and Green Berets, those units were mostly white. At the end of Vietnam the army's were desegregated would stay that way for today's conflicts.
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