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Background on Integration

Integration in Schools had and has been an issue of the United States for quite some time. In the 50’s blacks were heavily segregated, the were also deprived of their rights as citizens. These were looked upon by civil workers, like he NAACP, the SNCC, and others that were founded to help blacks in the south and of the north deal with the problems of segregation.

In education, blacks have almost always been segregated, hundreds of years ago, it was against the law for a black to learn how to read or write, because he or she may become me illegible to realize that they are being treated unfairly. But, in the 50’s black schools were awful and no where near as clean, educational, or safe as white schools. So, the result of the blacks in the North and the South being segregated was that blacks continually blacks were not educated, and could not get jobs that paid well, or have them enough to get educated again.
So, when the blacks had the chance they wanted to make sure that they too had an equal chance, but they were denied due to the selfishness of whites, and the hatred behind Govornor Faubus’ ideas to keep them out of the school.